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This Moment In Fashion...Chokers

Chances are high that you haven't been able to scroll through your Instagram or go anywhere without seeing a choker necklace wrapped tightly around someone's neck. Hell, you can't even see me at least some point throughout the week without seeing my neckties wrapped strategically around my neck to make it seem like a cloth choker. Chokers are just cool, okay? Like every time I see one on somebody the song "Cool Girl" by Tove Lo plays in my head. They just add that extra edge to an outfit. 

Plain white tee shirt and ripped denim? Add a choker to it. A little black dress? Add a choker to it. A plunging neckline jumpsuit? Add a choker to it. A plain white gauzy peasant blouse? ADD. A. CHOKER. TO. IT. For real, just add a choker to everything and fake it 'til you make it.


  1. Boho Gold Statement Choker is the most stylish type of choker necklace I ever seen! It seems very fashionable and exclusive to me. I always try this item with simple dresses to make me look elegant.


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