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1. We Paired Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem with Amandla Stenberg and This Is What Happened I adore and admire Amandla so much.

2. 10 Fashion Films to Stream On Labor Day (And Before Fashion Week Kicks Off) Fashion week kicks off this week and I'm going to cry. I'm so excited. I've seen a couple of these already, but I did watch Dior and I yesterday, too!

3. A Quick Guide To Toledo, Spain (Take a Day Trip From Madrid) Ugh, Spain, you beautiful country. I miss you dearly.

4. Let Your Skirt Do the Talking Mini skirts are just the absolute greatest.

5. What to Wear This Week: MR Community Member Emma Hager Such cute looks! I wish I could recreate them!

6. Fall Winter 2016-2017: Metallic Shoes What I would do for a pair of metallic gold boots...

7. A Guide to the September Issues Listen, I was reading this before class the other day and I was nearly rolling on the floor laughing. So. Hilarious

8. The Month of August I just get really giddy whenever Alice has a new post up. I CAN'T HELP IT!

9. The Look of You I wish I was cool enough to rock a gray plaid blazer.

10. Birmingham Fashion Week | Behind the Scenes This is just making me more and more excited for NYFW this week...

11. Personal Finance 101: The Man Repeller Guide To Money Because I am notoriously terrible with money...

12. 10 School Supplies That Seem Way Too Cool For School Stationery is my favorite thing in the entire world. 

What have you been reading lately?


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