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This Moment In Fashion...Graphic Tees

I used to never wear t-shirts. I think I owned one or two before this year and I rarely ever wore them. I just never thought of myself as a t-shirt person and now...well...there's rarely a day when I want to wear anything else. Why did I reject the idea of a t-shirt for so long? How could I push away something so comfortable, so easy to style, so versatile, and now, so darn cheeky and clever? I'm a sucker for a good graphic tee with some sort of funny saying or print on it. I mean, I have my newest one from Zara that has a sequin embroidered lightning bolt, french fries and a jellyfish on it.

Graphic tees are so easy to incorporate in your wardrobe. Wear them tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans, tuck the front (I usually choose it off to one side rather than right in the middle) into a pair of boyfriend jeans and wear a more relaxed fit shirt, buy them over sized and tie them at the waist to wear with a high-waisted skirt. Layer cropped tees over dresses or jumpsuits, wear them under over-alls or a jumper to give that 90s grungy school girl vibe, pair it with a neck scarf. You can do anything you want with a basic tee and the graphic nature, whether it's text or a design, just gives it a little more detail.


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