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12 Indie Beauty Brands

I love makeup and I love small businesses. I like to help out the little guys as often as I can, in whatever aspects that I can. I like boutique shopping for clothes, I like avoid chain restaurants, I like farmer's markets and just trying to find unique places for me to frequent. With humungous retailers like Sephora and Ulta and makeup counters at every department store, we're seemingly bombarded with all of these makeup options. From high end to drugstore, there's this sort of...overexposed beauty world. But, of course, with the help of the internet, indie beauty brands linger to offer their incredible products, typically for much, much, much less money. I rounded up twelve indie beauty brands myself, but there are plenty of lists online that will provide dozens upon dozens of more indie beauty brands that create the most incredible pigmented and high-quality makeup at a fraction of the price (and, generally cruelty free!).
  1. Makeup Geek for...affordable, pigmented eyeshadows. 
  2. Floss Gloss for...unique and vibrant nail polish shades.
  3. Sugarpill for...neon and highly pigmented unique shades in eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. 
  4. Morphe assortment of brushes that won't break the bank and incredible multi-shade palettes. 
  5. Colourpop for...pigmented, long lasting lip colors (with the same formula as Kylie Jenner's infamous lip kits...)
  6. Sigma Beauty for...quality makeup brushes that don't cost an arm and a leg and that come in convenient sets.
  7. Fortune Cookie Soap for...curated soap and body products in seasonal boxes.
  8. Makeup Monster Cosmetics for...vegan and cruelty free matte liquid lipsticks.
  9. Coloured Raine for...long-lasting opaque and bold lip colors in unique colors. 
  10. Beauty Bakerie for...cruelty free makeup products for your lips and eyes, including and interactive "cookbook" to show products in action.
  11. Dose of Colors for...bold makeup products for your entire face, including special vegan lines.
  12. MAKE Beauty for...the perfect products for a minimal, "no makeup" makeup look, all produced in New York City.
What is your favorite indie beauty brand?


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