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Positivitea Cup Nine: My Last Free Summer

Perhaps you're in the same boat. You're entering your senior year of college, potentially the last leg of your tour de education. Past these last two, or maybe even one, semesters of college, everything is unknown. Even if you have a job lined up, who you'll be at the end of college is still unknown. Or, if you're chilling in the same category as me, you might not have any idea of what's going on at all.

Despite everything past May 15th, 2017 being a mystery to me, I am very aware of the fact that this summer very well could have been my last "free" summer. This is my last summer as a twenty year old, potentially my last summer where, even if I have a job, it's not my "for life" or "for now" job. I love it all of the same, but it's not quite my post-grab big girl job. I might not even have that next summer. For all I know, I could have next the three summers off. But the fact that this has the potential to be my last summer to enjoy is a bit nerve-wracking while being simultaneously exciting.

Being aware of this fact, despite my scaredy-cat tendencies isn't affecting me that much. Perhaps it's my "out of sight, out of mind " mantra or the fact that I am trying not to be worried about things that I can't do anything about right now. Maybe it's a combination of the two. Who knows. I certainly don't know anything, as I've stated more on this blog than my love for Harry Styles. Actually, that might be a toss up...

I digress, I'm going to cherish these next few weeks of freedom, whether or not I think I'll be doing big girl things next summer or whether I'll just be lounging in my childhood room with the same remnants of my high school self sprinkled throughout the room, in my wall art, the photos, the shoes I keep tucked underneath my bed, all abandoned three summers ago when I left for Cleveland the first time. Only time will tell whether or not this is truly my last summer, or your last summer, of freedom. It's best to just embrace it as such and soak up the free time and memories as often as you can.


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