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1. Packing for College - How to Pack Like a Pro When you have the most adorable roommate in the world who finally came back to Ohio and used to make equally as adorable Youtube videos. Olivia is the master packer and organizer, so really, trust her tips.

2. NYC Will Always Have My Heart So jealous of Danie's summer in NYC and I think you might be too!

3. Dimmed Lighting Scares Me This entire blog...just yes. Hannah is hilarious and such a good story teller that you just get really engrossed in whatever she is saying. Give it a read!

4. Cracking Concealing Hannah is another person I trust with my makeup life so, by default, you should too.

5. Striped & Scalloped Can't go wrong with this classic color combo!

6. Timeless Originals I am so unbelievably excited for fall. This look isn't helping...#ByeByeSummer

7. Pinstripes and Pom Poms An unlikely combination that still manages to work!

8. Tools for Vlogging #NeverSayNever

9. 3 Ways to Actually Make Your Idea Come to Life Generally, I get ideas pretty often, I just struggle to do anything with them...

10. Leather & Lace A favorite fabric duo of mine, plus an equally as great song.

11. Pre-Fall Moodboard What I would give for fall to actually be here...

12. Three Looks: Prada Spring 2006 Boots Never doubt the power of patent leather hot pink boots.

13. The Dreaded Style Rut! I feel like I get stuck in these quite often...

14. Woman Crush Wednesday: Simone Biles I think I  mentioned my love and admiration for Simone Biles last week but in case I didn' I am, mentioning it again.

15. 25 Lipsticks for Fall Winter 2016-2017 Give me them all. Right. Now. (Though I do already have that Kat Von D liquid lipstick, so at least I'm ahead of the game there).

16. Remember 'The Nanny?' @WhatFranWore is Doing Important Work  I don't think I've ever seen The Nanny, but I know for a fact that I reblog photos of Fran Drescher every time they pop up on my dashboard on Tumblr because I am so in love with her character's style. Major heart eyes over this account.

What have you been reading lately? 


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