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First Day of Class Woes

Nearly considered naming this post Running Through the (21)6 With My First Day of Class Woes. Maybe I should've.
Well, it's here...the first day of classes. And I have to be honest...I'm not excited. I'm truly, one hundred percent not excited. I'm sorry professors, who most certainly will not read this (but if you do, by chance, it's no offense to you–it's my last semester). After what feels like one thousand years of being in school, I'm finally at the end of the road and...nothing. I feel nothing. Not an ounce of excitement, not any sort of eagerness to go to any of my classes. Just a whole lot of nothing.

But all of this sounds so pessimistic. I do wish I was a bit more excited about the semester, but I also know that sometimes it just takes going through a situation to become more comfortable about it. Maybe I'm nervous that it's my last semester. Maybe I'm just not excited because I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting myself into. Or maybe I'm just not excited because I don't know what I'm capable of this semester yet.

The first day of classes still makes me a little nervous. Will I know anyone? Will the professor like me? Am I going to be able to pass this class? Am I going to be able to ace this class? Will I say something dumb? Am I going to understand the material? These are the stilly little things that run through my head during the first day and I don't think I can control them. But then they disappear and I stop worrying and all is well again.

I suppose it's hard to escape the first day of classes woes, the nervousness, the negative feelings. But then the first week of school passes and you fall into your routine and you don't even remember how you felt when you first walked into class at the beginning of the semester. At least, that's what I'm banking on!


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