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The Reality of My Summer Night Routine

I do not think I could ever explain my unhealthy obsession with "routine" videos on Youtube. I mean, I suppose I could make the same argument for anything I watch on Youtube, but routine videos always get me. It seems like everyone makes them for every season, despite the routine not changing all that much, and yet I'll watch every single one like clockwork. I love 'em! While I'm most certainly not going to film myself going through my monotonous evening tasks, I figured why not chronicle a typical evening in words instead.

6:30 PM (ish)

I generally get home from work around this time on any given day. Sometimes it's closer to seven, but generally 6:30 is a pretty regular time. I come home, I take off my shoes and clothes and put on running shorts and a t-shirt immediately. It's also time for the contacts to come out and for me to finally be comfortable. I generally will forget to reply to any text messages that I got while I was driving home since it's NOT SAFE TO TEXT AND DRIVE, KIDS!!! I'll reply to those later. Like an hour later.

7:15 (ish)

I'm usually ridiculously hungry by this point so I eat everything in my fridge for dinner and come back for seconds. Kidding. I'll make myself dinner though and that always depends on what I'm making, not that I have a lot of variety in my life, let's be real. While my dinner is cooking, I'll generally catch up on social media and will finally remember to reply to the messages I've probably been accidentally ignoring all day because I'm the #Worst. I'll also probably take Snapchat selfies that I never send out. I just like looking at myself with the dog filter. Usually I'll check in to see how Harry Styles is doing too. I need to make sure my little son is okay.

7:45 (ish)

I usually eat dinner in my room at my desk (sometimes in bed...I don't buy that Lauren Conrad quote where the bed is only for sleeping or sex. Nuh-uh, if I want to eat my tortellini in bed or write my blog post from the safety of my comforter, I'm going to do it) while watching Youtube videos or catching up on blogs or just sort of staring at the screen and hoping something exciting will happen.

8:20 (ish)

This is where it gets really exciting. I usually have a to do list of things I want done by the end of the day, even summer. However, since this list contains nothing of actual importance like schoolwork, I tend to forget to do it. Every. Single. Night. It usually starts off with me wanting to catch up on Youtube. I tell myself just a few videos and then a few videos turns into two hours and after that I've fallen into the black hole of Youtube that I cannot crawl out of.

10:30 (ish)

I look at the clock and realize that it's almost 11 and that I have to shower at some point so I'm not disgusting. I take my eye makeup off beforehand with the Neutrogena remover because it's a pain to take off when I'm in the actual shower. I'll maybe wash my hair if it's offensively dirty. Afterwards I put on my rose serum and facial moisturizer. Sometimes I put on my topical acne cream if I'm feeling really crazy and like my skin is turning into the rocky mountains of zits again.

This would also be the time that I might make myself some tea. Maybe. If I feel like walking all the way down to the kitchen and if I'm not like blistering hot. The air conditioning is working in my apartment again so I've been okay with the idea of tea lately.

11:00 (ish)

You guessed it...more Youtube! I am trash. I get nothing done over the summer. This is my life. I work for nearly nine hours, I come home, I eat, I watch Youtube, I shower, I watch more Youtube and then I accidentally fall asleep in the middle of all of my conversations without saying goodnight because I literally will just roll over and pass out around midnight. Then I wake up the next morning for work. That's it! That's the reality of my summer night routine. Nothing fancy, in the slightest. No silk robes. No elaborate skincare routine or bath bombs. I don't burn candles because candles cost money and I forget to blow them out before I pass out. I just eat, watch videos and sleep. And honestly, I'm pretty okay with that.

What's your nightly routine during the summer like?


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