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1. Saturdays in the City I'm loving this white on white two piece look!

2. MR Round Table: Celebrate Your Girlfriends I love these round table posts on MR!

3. Sugar Paper for Target Office Supplies Ya'll know how much I love stationery and all things school and office supplies related.

4. Little Party Dress Holy crap, I love the hemline of this dress. So flattering!

5. Sweet 70s Summer Dresses I love the double ruffle on this dress: on the neckline and hemline. So cute!

6. The Best Ice Cream Shops In NYC I just ate my breakfast but I'm really craving ice cream now...crap.

7. Espadrille Making in Spain So this was a ridiculously cool post. Always nice to see the steps behind the trends!

8. Day to Night Summer Style I love the shirt and jeans in this outfit, but my god, the spotlight stealer were those Tory Burch mules. WANT WANT WANT.

9. Five Beauty Products Always looking for new beauty bits to try out!

What have you been loving lately?


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