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Five Road Trip Essentials

My family and I have typically always driven to our vacation destinations. It's just easier for us and it's not like we go on vacation at cross-country destinations. It's always under ten hours and we just prefer road trips to flights or anything else. We can leave on our own time. We can make stops. We can pack whatever the heck we want. Life is just easier for us when we travel the Gariano style.

I definitely have a mental on-going list of everything that is necessary for a long road trip. It's just nice to not be the person driving for once. Typically I make a "solo road trip" every time I travel between Cleveland and home but this time, I get to be the passenger. #Bless

1. Good Reading Material | I always bring too many books and magazines with me on vacation, but I live by the "You Never Know" mantra. Sure, I could buy more things there if I ran out, but I like to have the option of three books and three magazines just incase I get bored or need a change of pace. And with space not being an issue, I can stock up on all of the best reading material with no issues. Peep my post yesterday to see what exactly I'm bringing with me!

2. Music | I cannot sit in silence, nor can I listen to my family, let alone anybody talk for that long. I need to have my headphones in with something going on. I have all of my "older" music stored on my iPod Classic and some newer tunes on my iPhone, but what I did is just save a bunch of my favorite albums to my Spotify offline playlists so I can just rely on those songs while I'm not connected to wi-fi so I don't use up all of my data during the car ride.

3. Snacks | One cannot go on a road trip without some sort of sustenance. My family need some sort of fruit (we have apples, nectarines, cherries and blueberries for today), cracker snack (nothing with cheese so we don't make a mess), and the one thing that no road trip is complete without is Twizzlers. Any time the four of us travel together, there are Twizzlers involved, one way or another. It's a necessity, honestly.

4. Pillow | Because I sit sideways in the car when we're going long distance and there is no way I'm having the side of the door dig into my back for eight hours. Nuh-uh.

5. Coffee | Because nothing in my life is complete without my caffeinated lifeline.

What are your road trips essentials?


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