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1. Coconut Water Lemonade

This one sort of doubles as an impromptu love-sesh over the nail polish I'm currently wearing. It's You're Such A Budapest from OPI and it's lovely. Okay, now that we have that little bit aside, let's get down to this drink. I go through phases with this drink and right now I'm in my "I LOVE IT I WANT IT ALL THE TIME PHASE," except I'm not going to let myself get to the point where I have it all of the time because that's HOW YOU GET SICK OF THINGS, FRANCESCA. Ahem. Anyways. This stuff is delicious. I can't stomach regular coconut water, so I have to resort to this lemonade business, but it's still super delicious. It's tangy, it's refreshing, what more could you want out of a beverage?

2. Fresh fruit

It's summer which means all I crave in this world is fresh fruit. My bank account has been severely suffering because of my completely inability to control myself when it comes to fruit. I will finish a container of cherries in one sitting. One. Sitting. I need to eat my strawberries and blueberries fast because I hate when my fruit is mushy. My bank account has been taking a hit as I've been picking up only what I could describe as #ALLTHEFRUIT. Cherries, blueberries, strawberries, NECTA-FREAKING-RINES. Oh my god. I need fruit now. I need it!!!!!

3. The Cleveland Cavaliers

People don't believe when I say I'm a sports fan, and also when I say I used to play sports and lots of 'em. That's fine, I don't mind too much, but just know that I've been keeping up with the NBA this season because I've actually had some time and let me tell you...what an insane year for the Cavaliers.  We've had injuries, drama, the firing of a head coach during the middle of a season. Cleveland is notoriously horrible at sports. We've had a championship drought for over five decades. It's a thing. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers, under the wing of King LeBron James and with the undying dedication of players like Kyrie Irving, JR Smith, Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert...the list goes on, really...the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers brought the NBA Championship home this year. I went to the celebratory parade yesterday and it was just an incredible moment. Nearly a million and a half people packed into a small area of downtown just to celebrate this accomplishment...couldn't have asked for a better record-breaking end to a rollercoaster ride of a season. Thanks guys.

4. Matisse x Kate Bosworth 'Judith' Mules

These were 100% an impulse purchase. A girl came into work wearing these or a similar pair...I'll actually never know because I didn't want to ask her because she was a bit too snooty for my liking...but that's neither here nor there. After I saw her walking around in these, I spent like two hours trying to find them on the internet and these are what I ultimately came up with. I ordered them immediately the next day and waited a week for them to come in. And I love them. I am completely and totally in love with them. I've been trying to find every possible way to wear them during the summer so I can parade around in them all of the time. These could easily become my new favorite shoes, no doubt in my mind. They've got a bit of padding in them too so they're not insanely uncomfortable! I wore them for over 12 hours on the first day I got them and my feet only started to ache towards the end of the night. So for a first wear mixed with a 12+ hour work day on my feet, I wouldn't say that's too bad!

What have you been loving lately? 


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