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#StyleGoals: Camille Rowe

In case you aren't sure who Camille Rowe is, let's do a quick recap of French-American beauty. Rowe is twenty-six year old model and occasional actress. She has some major covers under her belt, like Vogue Paris and Elle and has one of the most effortlessly cool closets to ever exist in all of history. She has a love for vintage and eccentric fashion and honestly, she's just cool. Too cool for me, unfortunately, but it happens.

There is just something so effortless about Camille Rowe's style. It's simple, yet it has its extravagant elements that I envy. There always seems to be some sort of "BAM" aspect, whether it's in patterns, jackets or shoes. There's like a simple base, with a standard tee and jeans or trousers of some source, and then there's just that on statement piece that makes you look twice.

Literally, #Goals. I wish I could be this effortlessly cool in my style. A pair of loose fitting jeans and simple black flats, made insanely fabulous by a massive furry jacket. That's how to spice up an outfit!

This is a very casual take on on a dress with a split. Also...DAMN DANIEL, BACK AT IT AGAIN....okay, I'll stop, I'll stop. This also reminded me that I really need to get a jean jacket. Yes. Okay. Will do.

Who is your #StyleGoals? 

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