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1. Every Thought Catalog Advice Piece, As Written By Your Dad This is absolutely brilliant. Happy Father's Day, ya'll.

2. The History of the Midi Skirt "It’s the sartorial equivalent of shopping for chocolate and only finding broccoli." This is one of my favorite lines from this post but truly, a hilarious retelling of a decade-by-decade development (and recession) of midi skirts.

3. Accessories On Fleek I am obsessed with those Leffler Randall mules and Quay sunglasses. OBSESSED!

4. Money Diaries: Leandra Chronicled Her Spending for a Week Part of me wants to try to start doing this, but another part of me wonders how sad it will make me to see how many stupid things I buy.

5. Ruffles for Rosé I love the look of the light blue dress with the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur print!

6. T-Shirt Dress Hands down one of the easiest and most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear during the summer months.

7. The Song of Summer 2016 Smackdown My vote is for "Can't Stop The Feeling" or "Work From Home" to be honest.

8. NY Closets: Nicole Chapoteau NY Closets? More like #ClosetGoals.

9. Smart Ways for Dealing with Constant Complainers Sigh, sometimes it can just be a bit draining to be around negativity. These are some solid tips to combat it, though!

What have you been reading lately? 


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