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Dream Closet, Vol. 18

Do you ever just cry when you look at Net-a-Porter? I can't help but get a little emotional over the new arrivals section on that website. If I tried to look through any other section, I'm quite certain that my head would explode from overexposure to too many wonderful, pricey things. I must keep it contained to those four to six pages of new things to keep myself in check.

I love pretty things. So. Much. And I find that fashion and Harry Styles fit perfectly into that category, therefore I've decided to dedicate my life solely to those two things. All jokes aside, it's always fun to see what new pieces of clothing are coming out as the seasons go on. Let's disregard the fact that all of these items combined could probably pay for a semester of my college tuition *laughs nervously*

What's in your dream closet?


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