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1. Tricky Trend: The Printed Jumpsuit I'm fairly certain that I need this jumpsuit in my life ASAP.

2. So What Exactly Is Resort Season? This article doubled as really funny and really informative, so fashion peeps, if you're out there, read this.

3. My Chicago Bedroom Tour This bedroom, I kid you not, is legitimate GOALS. I would kill for a bedroom that chic.

4. Our Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops Filed under things to keep in mind incase I ever move further into the midwest..

5. 11 Ways to Wear a Piece of String Definitely thought this article might have been a joke based off of the title, but it ended up being pretty cool. I still won't wear string unless it's accidentally hanging off of a stitch on some of my clothes, but hey, doesn't mean it's not cool!

6. Matcha Tea Latte I live off of the green tea lattes at Starbucks, which are made with matcha powder which means I could, in theory, make it myself? Do I dare try?

7. Summer Reading List Remember that time a couple of weeks ago when I was actually reading? What happened to that?

8. The Art of ‘F*ck You, I’m Hot’ Photos This is the kind of quality content I come onto the internet for.

What have you been reading lately?


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