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Five New Makeup Products

I haven't been trying out that much new makeup lately for a few reasons, one being that makeup costs money, but so does rent and groceries, so I've have to make a bit of a sacrifice for the sake of living expenses. Another reason that I don't try out a lot of new products is that I have so many in my collection at the moment that I need to use them before I even attempt to stuff anymore in my drawers. Plus, I know what I like. I know what looks good. I just haven't felt this huge desire to add more of the same thing to my makeup collection. However, I have slowly but surely added a few products to my collection and as you'll see, some have worked out while others...well...haven't.

1. Lorac Pro Palette 

Listen, I've been putting off buying this palette for ages. I've seen it on Youtube for a long time and I see it every time I pop into Ulta and Sephora. I stare it in the eyes aka all of the eyeshadow squares and then I walk away. However, this month I felt inspired to make the dive and finally purchase it. I don't think I've ever used eyeshadow so buttery and pigmented and blendable and just so incredibly perfect. It comes with sixteen shades, eight being matte and the other eight being shimmery. Let me tell you, there are probably only one or two shades in the palette that I will not wear. The other fourteen or fifteen? Glorious. I've been wearing solely this palette for the past week and I haven't repeated an eyeshadow combination yet. So many of the colors work together so well and it's just so easy to create eyeshadow looks with this palette. I love that it's so slim as well. It's very easy to pack!

2. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer Light Warm

I've talked about this before but I was to reiterate how much of a game changer this concealer is. I've been using it for about a month now and it's just so pigmented and high coverage and I literally don't know what my face would look like without it. Actually, I do. I would look like a heinous spotty mess, very a-la thirteen year old Francesca. I'm not about that life so I am forever indebted to this incredible concealer. A little goes a long way as well since it is so pigmented and has really great coverage. It has a really long doe foot applicator that bends back and forth to help get the product into potentially tricky areas on the skin. This has been one of the first concealers I've used that lasts the entire day without reapplying. Also, my skin doesn't itch when I wear it all day! That's a huge feat, considering there are days where I leave the apartment at 9:00AM and don't get back until 11:00PM or even midnight.

3. Inspr Eyeshadow Carnival 

This was a gift from my cousin and appeared in one of the Ipsy bags a while back. I always forget about eyeshadow singles and trios because they're in a different drawers than my palettes and I tend to reach for those more. However, I really, really love using this shade. It's a beautiful light bronze shade. I can apply it in a sheer coat over the lids for a bit of color, but I can also build it up in the outer corner for a more "dramatic" look. Now my idea of dramatic is very different than traditional dramatic looks, but since I'm not a massive fan of dark eye looks, building up this color in the outer corner is the perfect look for me!

4. L'Oreal Infalliable Super Slim Eyeliner

I am a liquid eyeliner girl. I love my felt tipped pens. I've been a huge fan of the Kat Von D liquid liner in the past but I wanted to try a drugstore alternative and...well...let's just say we're not working out too well. The first day I used it I was really excited! I got really crisp and clean lines, but when I got down to the actually wing part, I found it impossible to get it to a sharp point. The product doesn't deliver down into the tip of the pen, making it too difficult to get any sort of point at the end. You can form a thicker point, but I like really thin and crisp lines for my eyeliner. It lasts fine and it's comfortable to wear, but I just found it terrible for winged eyeliner, so it's a no from me, I'm afraid. I am still using it though but I decide what I want to replace it with.

5. Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Soft Lilac

Another meh product for me. I was really excited to try out these liquid lipsticks and I thought I would try to go for a shade that I don't own. However, I think there's a reason that I don't own this shade. I just find that it doesn't look good on me in the slightest. It dries to this very dark lilac shade with a sort of grey tinge to it. But the color isn't my biggest issue with it. I don't know if it's just me being picky or maybe it was the shade I picked, but it gets so crumbly. It was so uncomfortable to wear the second and third time I tried it. My lips felt grainy (I exfoliate and moisturize before super matte or liquid lipsticks) and tacky and it was just an unfortunate combination of feelings. I want to see if it was just the shade I got, but I'm also afraid to buy another one just to not like it, especially when I know how much I love the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. I know tons of people love the Pure Hollywood shade so perhaps it was just Soft Lilac that fell short!

What new products have you been trying lately?


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