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Organizing Your Closet

I don't have a spectacular closet by any means. I've never had any sort of walk in closet with incredible shelves. I've mainly just had dresser drawers and a long hanging rack that I have to keep organized seasonally to make sure everything fits. It's pretty much the same at my apartment here, but that doesn't mean I don't have a little bit of fun organizing my wardrobe!

I always like to keep my clothing in sections. For the spring and summer season, I have them into these sections: jackets, vests, kimonos, sweaters, sweatshirts (Wildfox jumpers, mainly), button-ups, blouses, t-shirts, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, scarves and shoes at the bottom of my closet. And in those individual sections, I like to keep everything organized by color as well, from darkest to lightest.

Keeping my closet sectioned off helps me know what I have in my closet at all times. It's easiest to pick through the options that you have for a complete outfit when you can go piece by piece. If I know I want to wear my ripped boyfriend jeans on a warmer spring day, I know to go to the blouse or t-shirt section to find something weather appropriate. If I know I want to wear a dress, I only have to sort through one section of my closet rather than digging through the entire thing to find options. Compartmentalizing every aspect of my life seems to be one of my saving graces that saves my sanity on a daily basis.

When it comes to my drawers, it's sort of a different story. I keep my casual wear stored in the six drawers that are built into the bottom of my bed. Other than the normal daily essentials (socks, bras, underwear, you know the deal), I keep my regular tanks and tee shirts that don't require a hanger to keep their shape in a drawer, my sweatpants and oversized shirts for pajamas, crewneck sweatshirts for loungewear, my workout gear and then another drawer for my jeans and now, shorts. Just as I find that keeping my closet organized by sections, having drawers (and even sections of my drawers) folded and organized by occasion creates a sort of ease when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, which takes it down from an hour of picking an outfit to half an hour. All jokes aside, an organized closet is a happy closet in my opinion!

These are my best tips to having a happy wardrobe!

1. Organization | Keep your closet sectioned off based off what each item is. You could go even deeper into it, keeping tunics together, keeping popovers and traditional oxfords separate. It's up to you based off of what sort of clothing items you have.

2. Color coordinate | This just might be a personal preference, but a color coded wardrobe is so much more aesthetically pleasing to me and helps keep me in line.

3. Put your clothes away after you try them on | Don't let your clothes turn into sand dune piles in the middle of your room. It's so much easier to put them back in their rightful place in their spot in your closet rather than having to scramble to reorganize after clothes have spent a week or even more laying on your floor. It's way easier to keep order along the way than to have to restart weekly.


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