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1The Man Repeller 2016 Commencement Speech Graduation season is always super emotional!

2. Rosé All Day For those of you who are of age...

3. Instagram vs Real Life (vol 2) I love these kinds of posts. So funny!

4. Bag of Roses Who doesn't love a bag full of flowers in spring?

5. Is Personal Style Thoughtful Anymore? I love reading posts about style. I think it's such a fascinating thing, really.

6. Chicago Chicago is the only city who would possibly steer me away from New York. So. Gorgeous.

7. A Glass Half-Full In which Kelsey somehow manages to write the most #Relatable post in the entire world.

8. How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home I don't have a French Press, but I do have a mason jar....interesting.

What have you been reading lately?


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