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May To Do List

May is going to be my first month of partial freedom and I figure that is enough of a reason to celebrate and get a bunch of things done. I am a list maker, through and through, and in addition to my 2016 To Do List (which is probably not going too hot, if I'm being honest), I figured I'd try to make a little bit of a separate list for May in order to kickoff my summer right!

1. Get new spring shoes 

I need to stop putting it off. I need to buy shoes that I can wear in somewhat chilly weather because there comes a point where I don't think boots are going to be appropriate any more. They don't match every outfit, self. They just don't!

2. Read your books

I'm not saying I need to read all of the books I have piled on my bedside table. But or two would suffice. Like seriously, I just need to pick up Drew Barrymore's book and just start the darn thing. The spine of it stares at me every second of every day (that I'm at my desk) at least. I just have to

3. Cook something

Like seriously, cook something. Not just baking some orange chicken from Trader Joe's in the oven or adding some broccoli to frozen alfredo. Like, follow a recipe or something. How difficult can it be, right?

4. Start running again

I told myself that when the semester is over, I have no excuses to not just go for a run after work. I even scoped out parks nearby so I didn't have to worry about trying to run downtown. I can do this! I have the sneakers! I have the shorts! I don't have the playlist yet, but I can get on that! I'm fairly certain it'll just be "Drag Me Down" on repeat for an hour.

5. Pick out a hair cut and color

I'm between two different colors and styles at the moment for my hair appointment at the beginning of June. I'm sure some other things will come up in the meantime, but I really need to nail down what I want so I don't go into the salon being like "uh, uh, uh, I DON'T KNOW" and then proceed to burst into tears from stress. Nuh-uh, I don't need that in my life.

What's on your to do list for the month?


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