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Finals Playlist

I am not only a massive fan of lists, but I am also a massive fan of playlists. I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact that they are just a long list of songs that have to do with something or have some sort of common theme...I digress, making playlists for different moments is a particular favorite of mine. I still need to craft the perfect playlists for driving at different times of day. Since it is approaching finals week for me (or perhaps it's already finals week for some of you, which if that's the case, sorry I'm so late with this), I figured it was time to craft a perfect playlist to study to. There are plenty of pre-made focus and study playlists on Spotify, but I prefer a nice mix where I know I'm going to enjoy hearing some of the songs.

When I study, I like instrumental music. I go for movie scores, pianists, or just really, really relaxed songs from some of my favorite chill artists (like Mree and Bon Iver, who both show up on this playlist). If it has to have words, I like for them to be a bit more laid back and drawn out so that the words aren't distinguishable and I won't be able to sing along. Or, I'll just put on Sigur Ros, where the words aren't actually words and I have no idea what's going on. The underlying theme of this playlist is #NoDistractions. I don't want any words to trip me up or any poppy beats that will tempt me to dance. I just simply want something to play in the background because the thought of doing anything in silence freaks me out a bit, honestly.

Without further ado, here's three and a half hours of my favorite studying tunes!


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