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1. MAKE silk cream lipstick in Taffy

I did a whole review on this lipstick in a blog post last week, but I truly have been enjoying this lip color. It's creamy but dries almost matte, which is my favorite finish. It reminds me a lot of MAC's Syrup, but Taffy tends to last a bit longer on my lips as it's a bit less creamy than the MAC lipstick. I've been preferring more neutral toned lipsticks lately as my wardrobe has been a lot of denim, grays, and blacks because of the weird weather we've been having in Cleveland.

2. Tumblr

Recently, I've been a lot more active on my Tumblr page for my blog. It's something that certainly took the back burner while I was busy, but I've really been enjoying reflagging more posts on there. I've been on Tumblr since, god, like 2008 at this point so it really serves as this memory book for me if I were to ever go back into my archive and see what I was reblogging that many years ago. If you fancy a follow, I linked mine above, but it's also in the social media icons off to the right of the page!

3. "Reaper" by Sia

Sort of a random favorite, but I've really been enjoying this song lately! Sia's voice is just all sorts of incredible. I used to listen to "Breathe Me" on repeat and practically sob back in the day, so to hear this more upbeat song that puts a skip in my step and makes me bop my head and swings my hips is a pretty funny change. Sia is just one big ball of talent and I adore her!

4. Vanilla Flat Whites

As a caffeine fiend, I've been thoroughly loving my grande vanilla flat whites every Saturday for the past few weeks. I generally get mine with a morning bun. That combination yields tears in my eyes. It's the perfect treat for me. Hot drinks at Starbucks are a struggle for me during the spring and summer months because I really only like the holiday drinks when they're hot. However, it's pretty damn cold in Cleveland until, well, May if we're lucky, so I've been scrambling to fill the holiday drink void in my life every time I go. I'm glad I've found my off-season hot drink! My hands were starting to get cold from ordering all of those iced caramel macchiatos in 30 degree weather!

What have you been loving lately?


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