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Positivitea Cup Two: My All Time Pick Me Ups

For some reason, I had the strong desire to start this post off with lyrics from "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba. That is certainly not the correct way, but I find that it would be a very Francesca-like introduction to a post about pick-me-ups. All together now...."I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!" Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of the 90s...

 Contrary to popular belief, I am not a robot who constantly oozes happiness and positivity. That would just be purely impossible and I would be worried about myself. However, I do try to change my mood if I'm not feeling 100%. I'm not particularly fond of not feeling awesome and by this age (#LOL) I've learned a thing or two about cheering myself up. It's like a weird formula or something, but not the terrible mathematical kind that make me cry and give me flashbacks of high school where I was forced to take pre-calc.

1. A viewing party of one of Legally Blonde. As many times as it takes. I would marathon Legally Blonde for twenty-four hours if that's what it takes. All hail Elle Woods, queen of Cosmo, beauty and slaying at life.

2. Coffee. Iced coffee, hot coffee, small coffee, big coffee. Espresso. Lattes. CAFFEINE. ALL THE CAFFEINE.

3. A dance party. It can be a solo dance party, it can be a group dance party. It could be in the car, in your room, in the hallway, in the middle of the mall. Pick an awesome song, songs, album, discography, anything that you need. Pick a song, blast it and let loose. Flail your limbs, don't worry about being on rhythm. Embrace your inner Beyonce, your inner Rihanna, your inner boybander. Do what you gotta do.

4. Look at pictures of Harry Styles. Pick an era, any era. I quite like looking at photos of Harry Styles from late 2012 and early 2013, but that's just me. Go to Google Images and scroll away and away, as long as it takes. Results may vary. Harry Styles could be replaced with someone else, of course, but I find that he yields the best results. I am not biased.

5. Fake online shop. Open six different stores, fill your cart, and buy nothing. The key is to never spend money when you're upset, just like how you're not supposed to grocery shop when you're hungry. Trust me on this one. Retail therapy is a thing, but try to keep it to a minimum if you can.

6. Hug everyone. Or rather, hug everyone you know within your vicinity. I don't recommend standing on a street corner asking for hugs, as that could potentially be misinterpreted. But if you have roommates, hug them all. Hug your friends, hug your parents, hug your pets. Hugs are just the best, truly.

What's your favorite pick me up? 


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