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1. MR Round Table: The Euphoria of Cancelled Plans Hmmm, interesting conversation topic indeed! What do you think?

2. Things I Will (Most Likely) Regret *patiently waits for Kelsey to write a book so I can annotate the margins and highlight the heck out of my favorite lines*

3. 11 Women and an Illustrator on Personal Style I've been loving these style of posts from Man Repeller lately. They're such a great insight into the mind's of incredible people.

4. Little White Dress There's something about the harsh juxtaposition between white outfits and black accessories that gets me all giddy. For me, nothing beats a crisp white dress in the spring and summer.

5. 8 Inspiring Websites To Read, According To Darling Magazine If you're constantly looking for new things to read like I am, here's a great resource post for you.

6. Gone with the Wind Another example to add to the file "In Which Sonya Esman is Perf."

7. Slack Chat: Man Repeller Talks Francisco Costa’s Calvin Klein Departure This has been an insane twelve months when it comes to departures in the fashion industry. Sheesh...

8. 6 Ways To Style The Off-The-Shoulder Trend Yet another trend that I've been itching to test out for myself...

9. Wear, Tear and Repair: How to Care for Your Clothes I would like to print this out and hand it to all of the people who bring in clothes to sell and wonder why we don't take certain pieces. Also, a note to myself to stop being so darn rough with everything I own.

10. 5 Realistic Ways to Simplify Your Life I don't think I know what simple is, but it's it's following these five steps, then count me in.

What have you been reading lately? 


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