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I Don't Know, 2.0

Last October I wrote a post about how uncertain I am of things that seem like I should be certain about. Basically, it was a whole lot of talk about how uncertainty isn't the worst thing in the world and that I shouldn't have to know all of these things when I'm nineteen (this was before the big 2-0, obviously). Don't worry, I haven't miraculously stepped out of this "I don't know" stage of my life. Instead, I think I've delved even deeper into it, but in a good, reflective kind of way. Not in a "oh my god, I'm stuck in quicksand get me out of here now" kind of way.

Right now, my top two questions I get asked have to do with life post graduation: "do you plan on staying in Cleveland" and "what do you want to do when you graduate?" Generally, my answer to the first is no, definitely not, but never say never. My answer to the second question is usually some awkward humming, an uncomfortable chuckle, a cute yet playful shrug and a simple "I'm not sure" because it sounds better than "hell if I know."

Then I have my spiel. My spiel is reserved for follow-up questions or for people who might not understand the concept of me seeing myself as too far away to make these decisions for myself. I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in journalism, but I don't want to write (I think). I want to go into the communications field, I juts don't know for what. I know that certain jobs exist, like journalists and editors and social media specialists, etcetera, but think of how many jobs exist that aren't commonly known. And along with this, the media landscape is forever changing so what is a job today might now be a job when I get out of college and vice-versa. Who in the world knows what jobs are going to exist in a year and a half when I'm done with Cleveland and am ready to move onto New York, Chicago, wherever the wind blows me.

So no, I'm not constantly scouring job openings on my favorite publication's websites nor am I actively searching for a job that I'd want in a year and a half. Maybe my interests will change, maybe they won't. Maybe my dream job is something that I get after I'm an assistant or an intern or whoever at a publication or company. Who knows! I sure as heck don't. And that's fine.

My advice to everyone who might not know specifics about their future: embrace it because I can assure you there are more people around you who feel the same way that you wouldn't expect it from. Don't dismiss anything completely. No job is beneath you. Don't knock it 'til you try it. *insert a dozen or so more Pinterest quotes here*


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