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January Reflection

I've had this post open for a good hour and I just looked at the title and asked myself....what even happened in January. I now realize I should probably like...take notes or something on the month because if I don't, I genuinely forget everything that happens. I am the perfect example of one of those people where things go through one ear and come immediately of the others. As much as I think things will be everlasting, I usually forget about them in a day or two. Which, thankfully, comes in handy for particularly embarrassing or seemingly earth-shattering moments. Life goes on, it seems.

I think January was a good month? I mean, I had to go back to school so that alone could have made it terrible, but I'm not going to rag on the semester too hard when it's only the third week. I'll at least wait until midterms to complain extensively about how much I hate it. Kidding, kidding. It could be worse. So that's a thing.

The only two things I can think about that happened during January were my car breaking down on the highway and Zayn Malik's first solo single coming out just on Friday. So clearly it was a ridiculously memorable month...

I meant to keep up with my Color Calendar this month, but I promptly forgot to update it by the time the ninth rolled around. But apparently my first week of the year was great! It was all pink across the board! And really, I'd have to say that it was a pretty pink month (pink means it was could anything pink not be good?). I ate quite a bit of Mexican food...I got new boots? Can I just mention again that Zayn released a solo song? Also...Harry Styles exists? It's actually his birthday today so I mean that's technically (not, not is) February so...

I have a strange feeling that the rest of this year is going to go by like this. A new month always seems very daunting but genuinely, they all go by so fast. I can't remember the last time a month felt like it was dragged on. Someday I'm going to wish for time to slow down, but I'm pretty content with life's speed at the moment. Makes me not dwell on things as much!


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