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1. Valentine's Day Milkshakes I don't really like strawberry milkshakes, but I love all things pink and obnoxiously decorated. Sign me up!

2. Declutter Your Wardrobe This Weekend I just cleaned out my closet last week of things that I just Don't Wear Anymore. It was a sad, sad day. I will admit. But now there's room for my clothes to breathe!

3. Guinea Pig Journalism in the Era of Kim Kardashian A guinea pig is always a great trail blazer.

4. Follow That 'Gram! Featuring @LisaFolawiyo I am literally in outfit heaven. She is perfect.

5. Countryside Ride to the Cityside Sarah Vickers never disappoints.

6. Wardrobe Staples I need to start purchasing more staples. Sigh, why am I on my spending freeze...

7. Charlotte Tilbury Shares Her Best Beauty Tips I'm taking these tips and am running with them.

8. Setting Smart Goals These are a bit different than #LifeGoals, but still important, nonetheless ;)

9. Couture Week Kicks Off With Dior, Without Raf Simons Still haven't had a time to look at the collections, but I just know that they're going to make me lust after the impossible

10. How To Figure Out Who You're Supposed To Be I have "This Is Me" stuck in my head now...

11. Skincare Secrets I need in on these secrets, ASAP.

What have you been reading lately?


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