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1. Saturday Night Live: Alexander Wang, Baja East and Altuzarra I'm not even going to lie, I'm genuinely shocked at how much I enjoyed Alexander Wang's collection. I can always appreciate the craft and effort, but I'm normally like "meh, not for me." This collection was like a big "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, FRAN?!" and I loved it. 

2. Gingham Style That gingham lining is absolutely fabulous and words cannot describe how in love I am with those cognac booties!

3. New Slippers I...I think I might need these? Or something like them? My apartment is so cold and I hate socks...

4. You are Worth More Than You Realize LOOOOOVE this sentiment, especially today!

5. Saint Laurent Shows Part 1 of Its Women's Collection In Los Angeles I do believe I explained how in love I was with this collection last week, but honestly...I'm still heart eyes over it. I keep looking at photos and I just feel like I want to own everything and I want to tailor my style to it.

6. Kale I just think that these sweatshirts are the funniest and cutest things in the entire world. I can't help it!

7. Olivia Palermo for Nordstrom Like of course Olivia Palermo's Nordstrom collection is the most chic and wonderful collection of all time. I'm not shocked at all. She is so wonderfully styled and just a great person, I really want to head over to Nordstrom just to catch a peek of this in person!

8. I Texted You: Is Self-Deprecation Holding Us Back? I have to admit....I am terrible when it comes to self-deprecation. I think I'm being funny, but generally, it's pretty sad when I think about it...

What have you been reading lately?


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