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Being Single On Valentine's Day

For some reason, being single on Valentine's Day used to be the biggest deal in the world to me. I was young, naive, and completely unaware of how disinterested I was in giving away my precious time to another human. Call me selfish, I do quite frequently, but commitment and having to deal with somebody else is just not particularly appealing to me at the moment. Will it stop me from calling all of my friends and their significant others my #OTPs? HELL NO. I'm happy for them! If everyone else is doing okay, I'm happy.

I'm not at all embarrassed by my single-dom, not anymore at least. As I said, having a "Valetine" or boyfriend used to be the biggest deal to me and when I couldn't make it happen, I was crushed. It's nice to see how today, as a young and independent (also broke and slightly delusional) twenty year old, things have changed quite a bit!

I don't really know what happened to make me stop feeling so sorry for myself or be embarrassed that I was the only one without a boyfriend or a date. I think one day I just sat myself down and said, "Francesca, this is dumb. You're cool as heck even if you are talking to yourself. Quit your whining about being single and enjoy your solo life." And so I did. Thanks, past self for being a champ.

Really, having a significant other is not the most important thing in the world. I'm sure it's nice and all and if you're happily dating somebody or married, good for you, but if you're not, my advice is to not worry about it. You're not alone, certainly. Enjoy it! I think you can have the same amount of fun without a significant other than you can with one. I don't think it takes your "other half" to make your life feel complete or fulfilled. Not in the slightest!

So, my single ladies (or men–serious question, are there any men reading my blog right now? If so, should I done it down with the Harry Styles talk? It's uncontrollable at this point, I think), go forth and celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day. I'm my own valentine and I for one am stoked.


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