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The amount I've seen this hashtag and sentiment on social media over the course of the past week or so has made my heart swell about ten sizes larger. I love this concept more than I'd ever be able to explain in words. And yet here I am, writing a blog post precisely doing that. Or at least, attempting to do that as I probably will just ramble for a while, reference Harry Styles one too many times, and use a cheesy Pinterest quote to sum it all up. Isn't that what life is really about? Cute British boys and Pinterest? NO. I mean yes, but also no.

I've sort of officially, but still unofficially until this post, announced that 2016 was going to be the #YearOfFran. Then I kept telling my friends that it was the #YearOfInsertTheirNamesHere because that was also true. Every year should be a year in which you focus on yourself. This doesn't mean selfishness, though sometimes you just need to be a little bit selfish and do things for yourself! #YearOfYou is more of a reminder, a nice little note to self about who you should be caring about and caring for this year. Put yourself first, do things for yourself, be there for yourself. Sometimes you just need to be your own best friend, even if you have wonderful best friends of your own. If you can't be your own friend, that's already an issue in itself.

Let's this be the year you cut your hair or go on that amazing trip or step out of your comfort zone. Let it be the year that you start doing unto yourself as you do to others (unless you're for some reason really awful to other people, don't do that to yourself...or other people). Focus on yourself, on your relationships with others, on your goals and how you want to achieve them. Be the best version of the Elie Saab version of yourself in a world of TT NY dresses.

Every year should be the #YearOfYou, but if they haven't in the past, kick it off with 2016 as the trendsetter!


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