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Favorite Lipsticks of 2015 (By Month)

Is it really a secret how much I love and adore and cannot function without lipstick? It is my true soulmate, my one true love. It goes with me everywhere, occasionally six or seven at a time if I haven't cleaned my bags out in a while. Even despite all of the lipsticks I own, it's pretty easy for me to find new favorites every month, depending on the weather or status of my lips or really, just my preference. Instead of a random list of my favorite lipsticks, I decided to go by month and let you know what I was enjoying during that period of time!

January: YSL Fuchsia in Rage
February: Kat Von D BauHau5
March: NARS Jungle Red
April: MAC Party Parrot
May: Urban Decay Anarchy
June: Rimmel Kiss Of Life
July: Chanel Extatique
August: NYX Addis Ababa
September: MAC Syrup
October: Urban Decay Shame
November: NARS Vera
December: Lorac Mulberry

And the all time favorite lipstick of 2015 goes to...

NARS Dragon Girl aka The Ultimate Red Lip.


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