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Happy First Day of Spring Semester

Ah yes, the day is here...the first day of classes for spring semester...can you sense my excitement? Though I don't have classes starting until 2PM, I always like to be up and at 'em as early as possible. Though I will admit, it was pretty tough rolling out of bed knowing that I had no work to complete. I think that this 2PM class start thing will be easier once I have coursework I could be doing during the mornings rather than waking up to nothing but a morning routine that I'm used to doing in an hour and a half.

I have two online courses this semester, but today I have my three in person classes and I'm slightly nervous. My newspaper lab class is sandwiched between two Spanish classes, a language that I haven't so much as touched since last spring due to a busy summer and a crammed schedule in fall. I'm nervous. I've been taking Spanish forever, it seems, yet I can't help but feel like I've forgotten everything I learned because of this small break from it. I suppose we'll see how today goes...

Goals for today: 

1. Figure out how to dress cute for the weather. The sidewalks aren't shoveled and I am desperate to wear my new booties to class...but not if they're going to get ruined on the walk to campus...

2. Read the syllabi for my online classes. Familiarize myself with the subject matter, what will be expected of me, and most importantly, whether or not I need a book.

3. Breathe. I've done this start of a new semester thing five times before, I should know that getting jittery and nervous over it does me no good.


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