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Getting Pumped For Spring Semester... a physically impossible feat. I am not pumped for spring semester, besides having the opportunity to dress up every day again. It gives me an excuse to try out new lipstick colors, I guess. It might be nice seeing my friends on campus and maybe my online classes won't be awful. It's going to be nice reading and speaking Spanish again after about six months off (horrible life choice, but I needed to work and pay rent...what's a girl to do?), but damn, is it going to be hard the first few weeks.

For all of the things that scare me and make me nervous about spring semester, knowing that it is technically the start of my senior year is incentive enough to be excited about it. It's my penultimate semester, one of my last chances to squeeze the life out of college and gain as much experience as I can from my professors and peers. One of my last chances to enjoy a sporadic schedule and not have to worry about super adult problems (though, rent is turning out to be one of those annoying adults problems that I wish I didn't have to deal with).

But really, the best way for me to approach spring semester is to pretend to be psyched, put some lipstick on, and go dominate the world. Or at least Cleveland. Or at least downtown Cleveland. Or at least a tiny portion of downtown Cleveland. Or just my own little world. Fake it 'til you make it, am I right?


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