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Winter Break To Do List

I am two days away from freedom!

That's right, starting at 2:30 PM on Thursday, I am officially a free woman...until spring semester picks up in mid January. But that's out of sight, out of mind. I am all sorts of excited to have this month off of everything besides work (which I love, so is it really work?)

With free time comes a to do list because even when I'm not doing school work, I still always have to keep myself on some sort of schedule. So here's a list written to myself (shocker) detailing some things that I need to do over break and some kind suggestions to myself.

  1. Clean out under desk and reorganize magazine holders and shelves
  2. Think of new magazine organizer because you, my friend, are running out of space in your little room.
  3. Get more prints for the wall. You can not call it a "gallery wall in progress" when you've had only two prints hanging for nearly four months.
  4. Get floor lamp and step up your selfie game, girlfriend.
  5. Get shoe organizer or trunk or something to put at the foot of your bed. Your room has no furniture. It's kind of creepy.
  6. Read through all of your books and magazines in your room. Do the whole reading thing with your eyes.
  7. Try out new places in Cleveland. It's a win/win, honestly. Cool blog content and yummy food or coffee? Yes please!
What are you going to do over your winter break?


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