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Christmas List

I don't want a lot for Christmas...there's just one thing I need....I don't care about the presents...underneath the Christmas tree...I just want you for my own...more than you could ever know...make my wish come true...all I want for Christmas is...

In all seriousness, as great of a gift as Harry Styles would be, there's really not a whole lot that I'd want for Christmas. It's basically in the same boat as my birthday, or really any times of the year that would yield gifts. I love giving them out, but when it comes to actually getting gifts, my mind draws a blank and I want to decline every single one of them.

1. pens
2. Mindy Kaling print
3. ChloƩ perfume sample set
4. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
5. Kate Spade bracelet
6. Kate Spade Mug
7. Zara booties
8. Donations to NEDA (or my usual Malala Fund)

What's on your Christmas list this year?


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