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What I Did In 2015

You may or may not remember this from last year, or from me mentioning it quite a few times in passing, but every year since the beginning of high school, I've decided to not make resolutions. Instead, I make yearly to do lists with around forty things I want to accomplish during the year, whether it's buying something or going somewhere or making a small change within myself. I find it easier to monitor myself through the year with a list, so the lists I shall make. 

Before this year, I was really adamant about wanting to cross everything off because it made me feel accomplished. But 2015 was an incredibly stressful and busy year and I genuinely had no time to do most of these things. As I was reading over this list, though, I didn't feel unaccomplished. Sure, I didn't complete a majority of the things I set out to do, but then I think about all of the things off of the list that I did throughout the year and I can't help but want to give myself a massive pat on the back. Sure, I didn't read as much as I thought I would and I didn't go on a road trip or try out a certain ice cream shoppe, but I managed to snag myself two jobs that I love and–pardon my cliche–sort of transform into this new and improved version of myself, someone who is always positive and just wants to support everyone and anything in what they set out to do.

So when I look at the things on this list that aren't bolded, I'm not upset (though I would've really liked to go to a Cavs game, I'm not going to lie). Instead of thinking of all of the things you didn't do in 2015, think of everything that you did do!

1. Finish Gossip Girl
2. Watch Gilmore Girls in its entirety and fall in love with it all over again.
3. Read 35 books 
4. Travel somewhere
5. Finally read Don Quixote or Les Miserables—your choice
6. Seriously, go a day without your phone. It’ll be good for you. *Went an entire weekend without my laptop. Close enough.*
7. Find an apartment that you love, or at least one that you can learn to love for the price. 
8. Never stop writing, ever. 
9. Fix up your blog
10. Get loans for school. It’s not your parent’s responsibility to put you through college.
11. Learn how to cook a meal that isn’t rice pilaf or pasta. You’re an adult.
12. Apply for an internship. 
13. Attempt & complete NaNoWriMo.
14. Go on a road trip.
15. Seriously, do some yoga. You’re a ball of stress 24/7. I tried, I really did. I am too impatient.
16. Get a new, small Kate Spade cross body. Unless you can miraculously afford a Tory Burch Robinson tote. Then you can get that instead. 
17. Work at a clothing store.
18. Get something you’ve written published.
19. See Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour.
20. Bake 5 new recipes and cook 5 new recipes from Pinterest (Cookie Butter Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter cookies, Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies, Salted Caramel Cookies)
21. Learn more about graphic design.
22. Attempt to vlog for a day, just for fun. 
23. Eat at or visit: Mama Santas, Mitchell’s Ice Cream, West Side Market and Sweet Moses.
24. Go to the Cleveland Art Museum and the Albright Knox.
25. Go to at least one Cavaliers and Indians game.
26. Create a recipe book.
27. Compliment somebody every day. I highly recommend trying to do this.
28. Play “i giorni” on piano.
29. Run twice a week during the summer, at least. 
30. Sleep more.
31. Invest in nicer skincare products
32. Visit 3 new baseball parks (background: when my family and I travel to new cities, we almost always have to go to an MLB game. We’re a baseball family!)
33. Own something Lulu Lemon because I’m all about that expensive trendy stuff.
34. Start reading and commenting on more blogs. Get involved!
35. Wear more skirts and dresses in public. It’s not as embarrassing as you think!
36. Find the perfect red lip. NARS 'Dragon Girl'
37. Try out some DIY projects!
38. Ask more questions—in class, in conversations, in general.
39. Invest in a pair of black heels
40. See NYC at Christmastime.

What is the favorite thing that you did in 2015?


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