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Stay Lean Tea Detox (Review & Giveaway)

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! There's nothing like spending time with friends and family and stuffing your face with all of the good dinner fixings and desserts. Or perhaps that's just me...I probably could've used a tea detox post-Christmas feasting rather than the weeks leading up to it.

All jokes aside, for the past fourteen days, I've been trying my hand at another "teatox." I tried one over the summer and enjoyed it, but this time around, things were a bit different. Over the summer, I was living at home and had more access to food, but wasn't eating as regularly as I should have been given my schedule. With the Stay Lean Tea Deotox Program, I was at school in my own apartment, on a regular eating schedule, even if it wasn't the most ideal one (read: lots of coffee and carbs).

There were two things I first noticed about this Australian brand before I started the teatox that made me excited to start (and pushed me to do it):

1. NO LAXATIVES!!! Now I didn't react poorly to the last teatox I did that did have laxative properties, but I feel like I will sleep better at night (both figuratively and literally) if this wasn't something I had to worry about. These are very natural teas, so there's no worries about a bad reaction to laxatives if you have a sensitive stomach.

2. TEA SACHETS, NOT LOOSE TEA!!!! I never know how much to measure! And loose tea, while absolutely delicious, is a pain for me to make when I'm in a rush. I'd rather just pop in a tea sachet and call it a day rather than trying to figure out how to measure a certain amount and hope for the best.

Now, as you know, I'm a massive coffee drinker. I love it. I need it in the morning, or at least I convince myself that I do (I do need caffeine of some sort though, or else I get headaches). So I was pleasantly surprised that on days where I didn't have to be anywhere, I would drink the tea and forget to drink my coffee afterwards. I always wanted to make sure to start my day with the Lean Burner Blend (Longjing Green Leaf, Pu'erh Tea Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Lemon Grass, Oolong Leaf, and Goji Berry) to give me that fresh burst of energy and boost my metabolism before I attempted to drink coffee or eat my breakfast. My favorite thing about this tea, other than the effects, was the taste. You know something tastes great when I don't have to add any sugar to it. Even my favorite black tea needs a spoonful of sugar to make it taste better! So, the taste gets two thumbs up from me right off the bat.

The 14 Day Detox is supposed to: 
  1. Give the metabolism a huge boost
  2. Burn fat & excess calories while at rest
  3. Suppress appetite over a sustained period of time
  4. Remove toxins from the digestive tract
  5. Enhance nutrient absorption
  6. Reduce bloating and water retention
  7. Increase energy levels and boost the immune system
Now, I'm not entirely sure how to gauge five, but I would say that the detox did everything else it was supposed to. I don't own a scale, so while I have no idea whether I lost weight or not, I certainly didn't gain any weight or fat. I will say, I normally get really hungry when I'm at work but the mornings that I had this tea and went to work, my appetite wasn't as "ravenous," so to say. AND BLOATING!!! Bless this tea for reducing my post period bloating. I know, I know, TMI, but seriously I was so excited to start this tea toward the end of my last period because it helped so much when it came to deflating my bloated belly. I generally find that tea detoxes always help me with my appetite, energy levels, and bloating. They're an easy (and delicious!) way to cleanse my system without going to dramatic lengths.

There were some nights where my stomach didn't hurt but I could tell that I had a little too much to eat and maybe it's just a placebo in my head or the tea, but when I'd have my Lean Cleanse Blend (Longjing green leaf, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose flower, Lavender, Roselle, Lemon Grass) I could continue on with my evening peacefully. 

As I mentioned earlier, when I'm at my apartment, I generally don't eat as much as I do when I'm home just because of limited money and the fact that I don't know how to cook anything. I think I would've really liked to try this detox after the holidays...

Which brings me to the second part of this post! To start off the New Year, Stay Lean Tea was kind enough to gift me with a second 14 Day Tea Detox for one of you. I'm going to be giving away one 14 Day Tea Detox Program to one lucky reader! The giveaway is going to last one week from today (1/3/16) and you can enter below (under 18 with a parents permission, as I will need your address to ship the teatox to you)! Unfortunately, this is going to limited to the United States and Canada for shipping purposes. I will contact the winner by email when the giveaway is over to arrange the delivery. Best of luck!

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And, of course, if you're interested in purchasing one of these programs for yourself (there's a 28 day one as well), you can use the code 'fran99' to receive 10% off of your purchase!

* Many, many thanks to Stay Lea Tea Detox for this opportunity! As always, all opinions are my own! *


  1. That mug is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Where did you buy it?
    Rashina xx

    1. Hi Rashina! I got the mug from Anthropologie! They have a whole array of mugs with different monograms on them that are all super, super adorable!

      xoxo Francesca

  2. Hi Francesca,

    Thanks for letting me know- definitely going to go on an online shopping spree now!

    Rashina xxx

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