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Things I Would Do If I Had Free Time

Free time is a thing that feels like a figment of my imagination. Even when it feels like I have free time, I'm typically doing something that's not exactly leisurely. There's always readings for class or this blog or something for work. True free time is a rarity that I miss dearly. But, if I did have a spare moment or two or twenty, these are some of the things I'd surely do first.

1. Read 

I miss books so much. My goal was to read 30 this year and I think I'm at the grand total of six. I used to carry two books around with me at all times just incase I finished the first one while I was out. I'd walk around the library with my arms dragging because they were full of stacks of books. I miss reading books and magazines and articles and stories online. I just miss feeling like I could transport somewhere else for those ten minutes or hours or however long I spent holding the publications in my hand.

2. Learn how to cook

Ha-ha, I know, hilarious. Physically impossible. Or maybe not. I don't have the time nor the money to try to experiment in the kitchen, nor the extensive food palette to want to. I'm very picky, but I feel like I've always lived on times constraints between school and work and sports and family. There was never a chance to learn how to cook and it just never became a necessity. Who knows, I could be a great cook. I've never dedicated the proper amount of time to it.

3. Explore Cleveland 

I've been here for over two years now and I know nothing about this city. I go to the same places and barely venture out. I didn't even know the area I work in now even existed and it's five minutes away from the only mall I knew my first two years of college. Not even just new places though. My favorite spot in Cleveland is the pier and I haven't been there once since moving back here. How is that even possible? The pier used to be my Sunday reading and writing spot and I haven't been bothered to visit. It makes me so sad.

4. Watch Netflix

I dish out the money every month, I might as well get some use out of it!

5. Unlimited time with friends

If I could just hang out with my friends uninterrupted for hours upon hours, multiple times a week, I'd be the happiest little peach in the world.

What would you do if you had more free time? 


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