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My New Hair Style??

Okay, so I haven't done anything but make an appointment, but my hair is in desperate need of some new styling and a trim. I am very, very picky about who does my hair AKA my hair stylist (shout out to my queen Mary) back at home is the only person who is allowed to touch my hair. Now that I no longer reside in the ever so lovely Niagara Falls, I have to plan my haircuts around long weekends home. Therefore, I have a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving break and my appointment on the 30th. Still, it's never bad to plan ahead of time. In fact, you probably should plan what you want ahea dog time so you don't end picking the first style you see in a magazine while you're waiting to see your stylist.

I don't think I want my hair long long again, but I'm definitely going to try to stay around the length I have now. I liked having shorter hair and I think it was a really important stage in my life after using hair as my security blanket for so long, but I'm definitely happy to hair hair I can style easily and throw up into a messy bun if I need to. I'm also really happy with my hair a bit lighter and it's been a, eight months since the last time I got it done I believe. Which, in retrospect, totally explains why my hair is an absolute abomination right now. My apologies in advance to my homegirl Mary who will most likely be horrified by the state of my hair currently.

No amount of bleach or styling could ever make me as flawless as Karlie Kloss, but her hair is absolute goals right now down to the color and length and texture. While Miss Swift might have been my inspiration to chop it short last fall, Miss Kloss is going to be the inspiration for the next stage in my life, the mid length Francesca! Lob Francesca was a fun year, but it's time to move on!



  1. ohh my goodness, that os so so soooooooo inspiring, starting till the end, i mean like what has been started and how you ended it up was just superb, that shows the skill in hair design, seems hair style expert :)


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