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Watching The Seasons Change

My friend made a comment about my Instagram feed the other day and about how you can track the changing of the seasons through the photos I'm taking (and then posting, obviously). I think I have mentioned in every single post ever (if not ever, then at least since the start of the season) that fall is my favorite, and how could it not be? Look at the colors of the leaves! Look at the pumpkins! My #aesthetics are off the charts during autumn and I relish in the fact that it is the most perfect season.

It's weird how fast time has passed. I just finished my eighth week of third year. WEEK EIGHT!!! Like, if that isn't crazy, then I don't know what is (okay, so I am, but that has been established). I'm halfway done with fall semester. I am that much closer to graduating. This is madness! THIS IS SPARTA!

My favorite weather usually ends up during the changing of the seasons. I love early fall, early winter is okay, spring is never good (literally rain is my arch nemesis), and early summer is perfect. There's just something about watching the leaves fall, the snow fall down, the same snow melting, and then  the sunshine brightening up the summer.

Pretty soon late fall will be upon us and the snow will take over. But for now, I'm going to try my best to enjoy the crisp air and the colorful leaves in blissful ignorance. Winter is not coming. I won't allow it.


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