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Things I'm Loving

1. "King Kunta" by Kendrick Lamar

There are certain songs that I surprise myself by liking. I've been really starting to enjoy rap (I sound like such an old, decrepit person right now–GET OFF MY LAWN!)(also like what kind of cheesy sh!t is that, "I'm enjoying rap.") I'm now so accustomed to driving to Kendrick with my windows down that it feels wrong to have his songs come up on shuffle with my windows up. It's never too cold for some windows down driving...

Anyways, this song has replaced "Backseat Freestyle" for the moment. I keep dancing around to it, thanks to Cara Delevigne's Instagram video the other day. Give this song a listen for something new!

2. Blowdrying my hair

I never used to blow dry my hair, especially when it was long. It takes too long because my hair is too thick and I just never had the time to do so. Now that I get up so early and sleep with my hair in a bun after I shower at night, it's almost impossible to wake up with dry hair. I typically always style my hair one way or another (usually opting for curls) and walking around with wet hair at this time of year isn't exactly ideal. It's not ideal in the first place.

I have the cheapest cute Revlon blowdryer that I could find at Target. I'm pretty sure it was on sale and it's pink, so I automatically love it. I pretty much dry my hair every morning now so that I can either curl it or leave it straight (I'll brush and style it so the ends curve inwards). It's a lifesaver, honestly. Rather than attempting to curl wet hair or just letting my hair air dry, I save so much more time just blasting it with a hairdryer. It's fantastic.

3. BelVita Soft Baked Cinnamon Bars

I get obsessed with new snacks every month. These are the kinds of snacks I need to eat because I tote them around campus with me in a full tote bag. Anything crunchy will get crushed, so I rely on granola bar sorts of snacks so they'll survive their eight hour shift on campus. I accentually bought these. I was under the impression that I was getting the crunchy biscuits, but this is what happens when you don't actually read the labels on things and just pick up a box that looks familiar. Luckily, the soft chew biscuits are just as delicious. They're not overly sweet, but they definitely fill you up and they taste really good! They're just a nice way to switch up my afternoon snack between classes.

What have you been loving lately? 


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