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1. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

Well guys, the day has finally come. My beloved Kat Van D tattoo eyeliner finally dried out. Without the funds or time to go out to Sephora to pick up a second pen, I decided to pick up a drugstore option just to try out. I had a bit of a struggle trying to find an eyeliner pen, but I remembered my friend telling me about a Maybelline liquid eyeliner. I'm not sure if this is the one that she recommended, but I ended up picking this one up and I love it!

It's in the darkest shade, which is something that I need (though I always go over my eyeliner with black eyeshadow to set it and keep it lasting all day). It has such a long, thin tip that it sometimes takes a few strokes to get a thick line, but I'm sure if you liked a thin line on your lid this would be perfect for you! I find it really easy to get a thin flick for my everyday cat-eye wing as well!

2. "Love Me Like You" by Little Mix

LITTLE MIX HAS A NEW SONG, LITTLE MIX HAS A NEW SONG! I REPEAT FOR THE THIRD TIME, LITTLE MIX HAS A NEW SONG. I don't know how much I can stress how much I love these four girls. You can quote me on this, but this is the most talented pop group out of the UK right now. I can admit that. Not only are they incredibly talented and bright and gorgeous, but they know how to work the stage and put on a great show.

Their third studio album Get Weird comes out November 6th, a release that I am one thousand different types of excited for. This song is literally 60s girl groups modernized into an incredible pop song of our time. I cannot get enough of this tune and find myself singing it around the apartment all day long (sorry roomies!)

3. Kodaline

I keep featuring bands on here that I've been loving for quite some time, but I figured that seeing them live for the first time constitutes a mention on the blog! I'll do a full post on last night eventually (most likely tomorrow), but for now let's just talk about how incredible this band is, okay? I really enjoyed their second album, something that a lot of critics appeared to label disorganized and too far off from their first album. It seems like the band themselves recognize the spontaneity and disconnect from the first album, but I definitely think that's an important part of growing as a group.

This band has such a big sound and big hearts and just so much talent fit into a four piece that I cannot even fathom how they do it. They're genuine lads, a group of talented guys who just love playing music.

To listen to: "Coming Alive," "Autopilot," "One Day," "All Comes Down," and "Love Like This."

What have you been loving lately?


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