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Grabbing Life By The Horns

So apparently the phrase "grabbing life by the horns" is some sound advice that should be followed when possible. It's one of those things that I always heard growing up, but never really felt like following. It seemed like a lot of work with no preparation, something that was a little too spontaneous for me to handle. Go after what I want? Meh, I'd rather wait for good things to land right into the palm of my hand with little to no effort.

I'm a naturally timid person. I'm not really assertive or all that determined to do certain things. I'll accomplish the bare minimum, but don't typically explore all of my options out of fear of rejection or embarrassment or just about any other thing a shy person could be petrified about. I don't really like doing things for myself. I'd rather not experience certain things at all out of fear of it not going well.

But, alas, things change and sometimes you realize that there are certain things that you can't do anymore. I've come to realize that I can't keep being too afraid to try new things or experience these things that I've spent so much time trying to put off because I'm a bit terrified. I have to start grabbing life by the horns and just doing things that I normally wouldn't.

One day last week, I decided to jump the gun and do something that I normally wouldn't. I was reading through the editors email for the newspaper and came across the opportunity to cover the Kodaline show tonight. My head told me to let somebody else cover it, but my gut was telling me to take the chance and do something really cool for myself (and the newspaper).

So, I bit the bullet, texted the Arts and Entertainment editor and told her I wanted to do it. It was simple, honestly. It took 20 seconds of insane courage to ask and now I'm currently putting mascara on, getting ready for an interview. That's right, an INTERVIEW.

It's truly amazing the experiences you can have when you decide to be brave and do some things for yourself for once. So that's my advice for today: grab life by the horns and go after what you want. You never know what will happen in the end!


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