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September Reflection

I'm going to be one of those people (when am I ever not one of those people?) who says that they can't believe how fast time is going. It feels like I blinked and now I'm finished with week six of my third year of college and I'm not sure how to feel. I've been in this apartment for almost two months officially, which is pretty crazy if I do say so myself. I lived in dorms my first two years and now I'm here with three cool gals and a pretty sweet cat, trying hard to be a proper grown-up and failing miserably at it.

This month was busy, busy, busy. I haven't been in the habit of keeping track of my mood on my color calendar (something to get back into this month, I suppose), but I can genuinely say that September was a pretty good month. Obviously, bad things can happen and I'm sure I got a little too stressed one week, but all in all I've been doing okay. Classes are all right. They're bearable, at least. Work is going well. The weather is perfect. My eyebrows are still in tact. Really, everything important to me is doing all right.

First full months of school are always difficult. Last semester I had two in person classes and three online classes, so this whole "four in person, one online class" thing I've got going this semester is throwing me off. I'm used to everything being due on Friday or Sunday evenings. I'm not used to having deadlines and exam dates spread around. It's a bit hard to grasp once you've had a semester off of it, so I'm really trying to start getting on top of my schoolwork again so I don't scramble around last minute to try to get things done.

But we all know my favorite part of september....that's right, PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES. I can't count how many I've had this month already, but I can tell you that I had two in one day on Wednesday and it was the most glorious six hour span I've ever lived.

Things I'm looking forward to in October: my friend from home visiting next weekend, going home for the long weekend, more fall weather, Halloween, being a month closer to my birthday!

How did September treat you?


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