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1. Turtleneck Time The most important pieces in my closet during the fall and winter time, my prized possessions so to say, are my turtlenecks. Listen, those things keep you hella warm. I don't even care. They're super chic too if you style them right. 

2. The Best Backpacks for Fall I desperately need a new school bag, I just haven't decided whether I want to try out this whole backpack nonsense (I can't remember that last time I had a backpack...) or just jump and get a Madewell tote. My poor little Kate Spade tote is just not cutting it anymore... :-(

3. 7 Pointed Toe Flats for Fall I've been saying that I need new flats for the past eight centuries so you would've thought that I would have picked up a few pairs by now.... #YOUTHOUGHTWRONG. 

4. Quick Guide To Cinque Terre, Italy Literally, CSU, just give me my degree a year early and let me travel for the rest of my life. KthanksBYE. LOOK AT THAT COASTLINE! I was born to be there. My name isn't Francesca Gariano for nothing!!!!!

5. Learning Your Way Around a New Town There are parts of Cleveland that I still don't know how to navigate, so when I finally leave this Lake Erie city sometime in the foreseeable future, I should probably take this advice in my next endeavor.

6. How to Explain Man Repeller to Your Friends I was trying to explain Man Repeller to my boss the other day and just couldn't find the words to truly express every layer of a Man Repeller. I'm just going to use this post as reference from now on. Friends, take note!

7. A Genius New Way to Consider the Neck Scarf I'm going to refer to every Man Repeller post about neck scarves when people ask how they should tie their Herm├Ęs scarves when they come in to buy them at work. There are so many cool ways to do it!

8. Passion vs. Perfectionism Carly absolutely nails it with this post. I can't count how many times  just want to give up on something because it's just not turning out the way I need it to because I'm so passionate about it. The most invested I am in something, the more perfect I need it to be. It's really like I'm setting myself up for failure. 

9. The Then Most Important Takeaways from Milan Fashion Week Another fashion week circuit has come and gone...

10. Abby's September Budget Buys Give me ALL THE BUDGET BUYS. I'm poor. #CollegeLife, am I right? 

11. Street Style Photography Should Return To Its Authentic Roots I thought this post was a really interested take on street style photography, especially since fashion month is winding down and that is a massive aspect of it. Just looking at every side of things! Massive thanks to my darling friend Katie for sending this to me!

What have you been reading lately? 


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