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Makeup Organization

It's no secret that I've collected a decent amount of makeup over the course of my late teen years. The accumulation of products (admittedly, mostly blush and lipstick) requires a bit of upkeep and some general organization so it's not just a complete free for all in a bin that I have to sort through. I like to know where everything is at all times, separated into sections and having those sections separated into mini sections (even if they jiggle around in the drawers when I open them—it's the thought that counts).


I keep all of my makeup in these stackable three-drawer units that I got from Target ages ago. They're kind of dingy and don't match, but I cannot find anything this size and I am not in the mood to rearrange my entire collection just because I cannot find suitable drawers to keep it in. So for now, I just deal with the mismatched colors for the sake of my children makeup collection.

Then, on the top of my drawer I keep my makeup brushes stored in a metal cup I got from Target, some perfume, a makeup bag with my rollerballs and tweezers, moisturizer, deodorant, my retainer, and my contact case.


Each drawer has it's own little section. Some of them make sense, some of them only make sense to me, so I'll just go through and describe how I separate all of my makeup

  • First drawer: Sort of a mismatch right now as I'm not entirely sure where I want to store my Philosophy cleansing wipes at the moment, but it usually functions as my cream eyeshadow, eyeshadow quads, and single eyeshadow/pigment drawer.
  • Second drawer: This is where I keep all of my face makeup, like foundation, concealers, finishing powders, bronzer, and then my highlighting powders. 
  • Third drawer: This drawer is entirely dedicated to all of of my blushes, both cream and powder.
  • Fourth drawer: I keep all of my eyeshadow sticks, eyeliners, eyelid primers, and mascaras in this drawer along with things like my eyeliner sharpener and my eyelash curler. 
  • Fifth drawer: That's right, the infamous lipstick drawer.
  • Sixth drawer: I still keep all of my palettes in a drawer because I don't like the look of them outside, even if it would free up another drawer for miscellaneous items. For now, they shall remain!


It has taken me a while to learn that sometimes I need to let go of makeup. Just because something was expensive doesn't mean I need to hoard it for three years even if it's tried out and crumbly (I'm looking at you, Stila Kitten cream eyeshadow). I have separation issues with anything that I spend money on, so to give clothes away or throw out makeup is a painful process for me, one that I'm just getting used to. There are definitely products that I haven't used in ages that I just can't seem to part with, even if it was a five dollar eyeshadow quad, because what if I need it someday? But, alas, I've thrown out quite a bit of makeup over the course of the summer and I know now that sometimes things just have to go if they're taking up space and have no function in my life.

What's your number one makeup storage tip?


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