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1. Things To Remember A reassuring list and compilation of words from lovely, lovely people.

2. Meet Madeline from Madeline and Company As a high school senior I was chasing boys and freaking out over college, not starting companies with my mom. Madeline is my new #LifeGoal and inspiration. And those backpacks are seriously amazing.

3. A Floaty Crop Top How-To I've always liked the idea of a floaty, baby doll style tank top but I'm never quite sure about being able to pull it off. This post might get me one step closer...

4. A Daily Uniform If it's not summer time, my daily uniform is always going to be neutral, neutral, neutral.

5. Strobing: The New Way To Contour While I don't think I'd ever be able to fully give up my contouring, this seems like something I'd definitely like to try sometime...

6. Coffee Table Styling Inspiration We don't actually have a coffee table here, but that has never stopped me from pining after a pretty table top before!

7. Agendas for the "New Year" As you know my now, I have a Kate Spade and agenda for my third year (both featured on this list)!

8. In The Hamptons Sonya is just so cool. Her photos are arranged into such incredible collages, the color theme is on point, and she's just so stylish that I am always heart eyes over her Instagram feed and new posts.

9. Kate Spade Spotted Heels I should really make an effort to get myself a nice pair of heels like this...things to think about...

10. Trend to Try: Rose Gold SWOON. Is it possible to swoon over color? I think it should be.

What have you been reading lately?


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