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1. Desk Inspiration My desk space is probably the most cherish portion of my room. I live for stationery and all of those goodies that come along with decorating a desk.

2. J'Adore J. Crew God, I can't even bear to look at the J. Crew website. I've been a good girl and haven't given it a scroll in quite some time. I barely even went to the outlet this summer because J. Crew has the ability to rob me of all of my money...but look at how cute those shoes are...

3. Poppy Red I am a massive fan of red lips and lace overlay, so this look was right up my alley.

4. The NEW Bows & Sequins I'm fascinated with redesigns and everything that goes into them, so this was such a cool post to see, especially with the inspiration mood board and the color scheme.

5. Real Talk: On Being a Hermit My biggest issue is getting myself out there. Once I'm out with friends, I'm fine. I just am incapable of making plans myself.

6. How to Track the Success of Your Blog Content Filing this under things I should start paying more attention to

7. Lace-Up Flats Perfect For Fall I need more shoes for fall. It's not even negotiable at this point.

8. 10 Fall Staples For Every Budget All of these fall posts make me want to fast forward through the rest of summer ASAP.

9. Cool Beans! Leandra Made Fall Coats with Veda Ask my roommate, I was practically crying over the tan trench with the red belt.

10. Transitioning to Fall: Summer Cape I WANT A CAPE SO, SO BAD.

11. Romper Rendezvous Is it possible for Jessica to look bad? I don't think so. This romper is AMAZING.

12. On Being Broken Everything Kelsey writes is so beautiful, I just want to bind it up and put it into a book.

What have you been reading lately?


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