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Fall Semester Pep Talk & Goals

Well, here we are, two days away from the start of my third year. I’d be lying if I said that I was excited for fall semester to start. I’m feeling very weary about my classes and my course of study, like maybe it’s not for me anymore. I mean, I decided that I wanted to do it when I was seventeen. Honestly, I was a different person. But, with that unsureness aside, I just can’t help but get nervous about classes starting! I adore learning. I’ve always loved school. I just can’t stop being hard on myself. I tend to overwork myself, spreading myself too thin so I can stay on top of everything and anything. I like to be busy, busy, busy. Maybe it’s so I don’t have time to think about other things in life, or maybe I just genuinely hate sleep and free time that much.

My grades have always been, and will always be as long as it’s still applicable, incredibly important to me. I like seeing A’s on my transcripts, notes from professors on my assignments commending me on good work. I like knowing that all of the time that I’m putting into school pays off. I’m not saying you need A’s to make it seem like your education is worth it. Trust me, as long as you’re feeling like you’re getting something out of it, it’s worth it. I’ve talked about it before, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with B’s and C’s. I think we’re conditioned to believe that anything less than an A is “failure” for some strange reason. You have not failed if you didn’t get a perfect score, if you didn’t ace one exam or two exams or even all of the exams. A lot of emphasis is put on these massive assignments and they drive us so crazy that we don’t even want to do them.

Fall semester seems a lot more terrifying ahead of time. Fifteen weeks seems like such a long time, despite knowing from my past two years that those weeks fly by. It seems so daunting before it starts and then I dive headfirst into it and I don’t even notice the weeks going by. It’s bizarre! Yet, I know this, and I still can’t help but get anxious about classes beginning on Monday. Drats! 


I have my yearly goals, my seasonal goals, and now I have my goals set for a semester. Most of them are small little things, sort of like a glorified “to do list.” 

1. Go to more school sporting events

2. See at least two concerts (not counting One Direction, you dweeb)

3. Get a pair of riding boots to call your own

4. Take more outfit photos downtown for this blog

5. Be the best Francesca I can be

What’s one thing that you want to get accomplished during your fall semester?


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