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Things That Keep Me Sane

Sometimes it feels like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I often joke that I'm a hot mess, but honestly, it's kind of true on most occasions, except usually minus the hot part. All of this is usually in direct relation to the fact that I am also a total drama queen though. I make things ten times harder for myself, which is a really annoying habit, if I do say so myself. However, there are quite a few things in my life that make me a little more, well, sane and sound and keep my head on straight.

1. My agendas
2. My dog, Cash
3. Coffee
4. Leisurely drives
5. Good books
6. Browsing the magazine section at Barnes & Noble
7. New pens
8. Reorganizing my makeup collection
9. Scrolling through Pinterest when I have a spare second (aka sacrificing two hours of my life to the black hole that is Pinterest)
10. Harry Styles — JUST KIDDING, he is the source of all of my problems

Is there anything in your life that makes your day that much easier?


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