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I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of blog reading this week, but I have gotten about halfway through To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han and am quite enjoying it!

1. The Dress Comes Seconds At Valentino Ah, the wonders of couture...

2. How to Sound Like You've Been Going to Couture Shows All Week The FOMO is real when it comes to any sort of fashion event, especially any given Fashion Week, so I'm just going to whip these out and pretend for a while.

3. Climbing Rose Stroll I love the color of that Xander dress! It's so flattering.

4. Striped Shirt Dress Vertical stripes make me a very, very happy girl. I'm also a sucker for shirt dresses. They're just so darn chic!

5. You're Probably Type A-Minus I have never found a term that could describe my personality to well.

6. How to Make Product Collages for Your Blog If you're still new to certain Photoshop tools (I still have so much to learn about it and I've had different variations of Photoshop since eighth grade), this is a really helpful "how to" for you!

What have you been reading lately?


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